Hog Roast in Kendal

Hog Roasts KendalThe Pendle Pig is the champion of hog roast catering operating in Kendal. Wedding and corporate/private event catering is our forte and no one knows like us how to easily cook up the most memorable hog roast experience, no matter the type of event. We are steadfast in our customer service and all strive hard to continue our excellent reputation for hog roast catering.

Whether it is your big day, engagement party or corporate event, many satisfied clients will agree that we are always on hand to help and truly know how to slowly cook your hog to delectable perfection. We have selection of menus and various vegetarian options to choose from leaving something for everyone.

Tobacco is, still today big business in Kendal, particularly snuff and pipe tobacco where local businesses generate a dizzying selection of flavours and varieties, offering some of the best tobacco products that attract visitors and buyers from near and far.

Just as important to the local economy and another chief export is the famous ‘Kendal Mint Cake’ that is celebrated across the North west and indeed nationwide and globally finds itself in a number of countries around the world, particularly in those where expatriates reside.

Being located within the southern section of the Lake District, Kendal promotes a lot of traffic due to its locale, drawing in tourism from a wide source, providing a welcoming break for many each year visiting the Lakes to take in the wildlife and sights.

With always something great to entertain yourself with when visiting this historical and delightful market town, whether looking to visit the historic landmarks such as Kendal Castle and the Kendal Museum that houses many local artefacts that date back to Roman occupancy around 90 AD.

Making the perfect setting for a chic and vintage occasion such as a wedding or family gathering, choosing the ideal outside caterer for your Kendal wedding couldn’t be easier with The Pendle Pig, offering a wide selection of menus that feature the finest in Kendal hog roast catering services.