Hog Roast in Manchester

Hog Roasts ManchesterManchester’s finest, the Pendle Pig are the popular choice for catering weddings, private parties and corporate events around Manchester and the surrounding area. Time and time again the Pendle Pig delivers the tastiest and succulent hog roast catering, no matter the event or celebration.

As first class caterers, hog roast Manchester sincerely understand how important it is to deliver a professional service and to make an incredible impression.

We always make an extraordinary effort to deliver upon this and have a great eye for the finer details which have a large impact. We utilise only the finest ingredients for our feasts to ensure maximum impact on the day of the event.

Should you wish to hold your party outside, we provide all the necessary facilities for a fun packed, seasonal summer party.

Still indecisive of its location in Lancashire or as a municipality of its very own, many Lancashire residents still class it as being so and therefore hold a significant magnetism to this great city.

Manchester is ranked internationally as a Global City, World Centre, Alpha City or beta World City by the GaWC or The Globalization and World Cities Research Network, due to its role as avitalnode in the overall global economic system.

Apart from Manchester’s commerce sectors, it has a long and detailed past that spans back to the days of the Roman Empire, expanding at phenomenal rates throughout history, from the middleages through to the Industrial Revolution and on to its current position as an architectural, media, lifestyle and entertainment mecca for millions of individuals.

With redevelopment and expansion at the heart of Manchester during the end of the 20th century, the British Public, international press and government officials from across the world see Manchester as the UK’s second city, shortly behind to our Nation’s Capital, London.

With such a bold and inviting presence across all cultural, sport and media applications, Manchester is an enchanting place for tourists and one where you can discover the great tastes of culinary delights, such as The Pendle Pig, Lancashire’s leading Hog Roast specialist. Outside caterers, The Pendle Pig offers the finest Hog Roast catering in Manchester, available for all events, parties, celebrations and much more.

Dedicated to presenting a series of sensory delights, their services can be booked in advance for corporate functions, residential parties and much more!